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Offshore Wind Installation and Maintenance Seminar Topics

Offshore Wind Development Forecasts. Learn what will be installed and when – and what it could mean for you.

Port and Vessel Requirements. Find out what new builds for installation, operation and maintenance are already in the works and how experts think the fleet will develop.

Pre Seminar Expert Meetings. Join one of our expert meetings and update yourself on new engineering concepts.

Expert Meeting on the Design of Installation Vessels

Chair: Kuno van den Berg, Project Manager Marine Operations, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam The wind turbine installation market has reached phase 2. In phase 1, turbine installation methods were partly based on available equipment which was in most cases not designed specifically for this task. At the moment, vessels are used and built for the specific task. However, the method is kept the same.

Chair Kuno van den Berg will kick off this meeting with a thought provoking presentation on scenarios for the design of offshore wind installation vessels based on transport and installation of multiple complete turbines. The purpose of the presentation is to start a discussion on the need for “phase 3 installation vessels” or is it sufficient to modify or scale up existing vessels based on the current installation method? How is it influenced by the rest of the supply chain and who should take the first initiative?

With a maximum capacity of 20 persons, this meeting is tailored for professionals interested in an in depth exchange of views amongst peers representing the entire offshore wind value chain.

Expert Meeting on Service Centers at Sea

Chair: Chris Westra, Director of We @ Sea

Every wind farm, built or projected, needs a service center, a base from which to move personnel, tools, parts and spare parts to the site at sea. Developers chose their ports carefully, as accessing sea-based wind turbines from shore is a costly operation.

Chris Westra, Director of [email protected] and Senior Consultant with the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands presents [email protected]’s concept for a Harbor at Sea on the North Sea, designed specifically for installation and maintenance of wind farms. A well placed harbor at the North Sea would be able to serve a group of both Dutch and British wind farms  of  at least in total 5000 MW. Jaap Gelling, Product Director High Speed Crafts with Damen Shipyards, presents an alternative view. Damen designs hotel ships, which would make a harbor at sea superfluous. Reinout Prins of P&R systems will present a design of a floating harbor developed by “Z technologies bv”.

Join this expert meeting with a maxim capacity of 20 persons for an in depth discussion of servicing existing and future wind farms at sea.

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