Swire Renewable Energy

Swire Renewable Energy (SRE) is a global service provider specialised in the installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of renewable energy infrastructure, particularly focusing on wind and solar PV farms. Headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, SRE has a strong international presence with regional offices strategically located in Australia, Denmark, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, and the UK.

SRE’s core services encompass comprehensive project management, engineering expertise, and efficient asset management solutions, catering to clients throughout the entire lifecycle of renewable energy assets, including construction, operational, and decommissioning phases. Our commitment to delivering tailored and innovative services ensures that customers optimise the efficiency and longevity of their renewable energy investments and maximise the production from their assets.

At the heart of Swire Renewable Energy is a dedicated team of over 500 highly skilled technicians, each possessing specialised knowledge in areas such as high voltage systems, mechanical engineering, blade maintenance, and construction. With a high focus on Health and Safety, these specialists are instrumental in providing bespoke solutions aimed at maximising the performance and sustainability of our customers’ green energy assets.

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