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Faccin is part of a reliable and powerful group - the Faccin Group - leading global metal forming machine manufacturer that provides a wide selection of bending machines and wind systems to produce wind tower cans, offshore wind towers foundations, wind tower door frames and wind tower flanges. Founded in the 1960’s, the group is headquartered in Visano – Italy with two branches, one in the U.S. and the other in Germany, as well as sale offices, dealers and business partners around the world.

Wind Towers Division

Faccin has created a Wind Towers Division that is able to understand the challenges faced by the manufacturers within the wind industry and is capable to interface with the different areas of the company like R&D, product design and production to deliver technologically advanced solutions. 

We specialise in

High accuracy and minimum cycle time are assured with the Faccin’s 4-roll series that provide manufacturers with the reliability, speed, accuracy and automation required for a successful operation, able to work 24/7 while easily being handled by a single operator.

  • 3-roll – Plate bending machines for foundation manufacturers  – Series HAV

Thinking ahead on the future challenges in the industry, Faccin has developed a line with extra capacity that will keep up with its growth in terms of width and thickness. A new technology for maximizing productivity and minimizing consumption.

  • Profile Section Rolls – Series RCMI and R.
  • CNC systems
  • Plate Rolling Automated System that is composed of:

– Powerful super-sized plate-rolling machine.

– Strong side supports with clamping system and finger hook.

– Tiltable vertical support.

– Motorised feeding table (available in horizontal or tiltable version) provided with an alignment device.

– Wide range of accessories.

– Fully programmable CNC designed to automate the most complex rolling projects.

  • 4-roll – Plate bending machinesfor wind tower door frame manufacturers – Series 4HEL/DF

The innovative 4-roll machine, model 4HEL/DF can roll complex shaped steel frames on extremely short cycle times with optimum pre-bending. Half meter long, with extra bending force and torque to bend thick plates at small radii. The 4HEL/DF comes with the latest generation of Siemens CNC that allows automatic calculation of the bending cycle as well as a perfect interpolation of the axis.

  • Heavy-duty rotating ring roller for flanges manufacturers

The GIOTTO model is a powerful heavy duty ring roller to produce wind tower flanges with their strict tolerances in cold or hot condition, an essential component in the wind turbine tower manufacture process to connect wind tower sections.

We provide

  • High level of supply availability.
  • 100 per cent in-house manufacturing.
  • Tailored solutions for a variety of wind environments.
  • The lowest possible processing time as a priority.
  • Tablet Management App to monitor productivity & machine status and to check capacities & production cost evaluation.
  • Installation.
  • Training to develop the operator skills.

FACCIN, a leader in the design and fabrication of bending machines and wind systems to produce wind tower cans, foundations, door frames and flanges.

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  • Italy Headquarters:         +39 030 67 29 300
  • USA branch:                    +1 251.929.9300
  • Germany branch:            +49 2324/3 8793 50
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