Mingyang MySE 18.x-20MW

Mingyang Rolls Out ‘World’s Largest’ Offshore Wind Turbine in Capacity and Rotor Diameter

Mingyang Smart Energy has rolled out its MySE 18.X-20MW wind turbine at its Shanwei manufacturing base in China.

Source; Mingyang Smart Energy/LinkedIn

As the world’s largest offshore wind turbine in capacity and rotor diameter, the MySE 18.X-20 MW wind turbine aims to lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and ensures long-term returns for customers, according to the company.

Evolving from the company’s previous 14-16 MW platforms, the wind turbine highlights modularity, lightweight design, high efficiency, and reliability, said Mingyang.

The unit features flexible power ratings ranging from 18.X to 20 MW, coupled with rotor diameters from 260-292 metres, covering a maximum swept area equivalent to nine soccer fields.

The wind turbine is designed for global deployment in medium-to-high wind speed regions, with specific suitability for typhoon-prone sites.

According to Mingyang, the MySE 18.X-20MW model is equipped with active anti-typhoon technology, capable of withstanding Category 17 typhoons (56.1-61.2 m/s).

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With an annual generation capacity of 80 million kWh in Eastern Guangdong, the unit is capable of powering 96,000 households and reducing CO2 emissions by 66,000 tonnes, the manufacturer said.

Mingyang already has the world’s largest offshore wind turbine in operation at a wind farm – the MySE 16-260 model which was commissioned in July offshore China.

A few months ago, the company also unveiled a new offshore wind turbine model with a rated capacity of 22 MW with development set to start between 2024 and 2025, Mingyang said.

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