Guangdong Energy Qingzhou offshore wind project

First Power Flows from 1 GW Offshore Wind Farm in China

The 1 GW Qingzhou offshore wind project in China started producing green power from the first batch of wind turbines on 7 December, according to Guangdong Energy.

Source: Guangdong Energy

The Qingzhou offshore wind farm is located in deep waters offshore Guangdong Province. The project water depth ranges from 37 to 44 metres and the centre is 50 to 55 kilometers offshore.

The project, owned by Yangjiang Offshore Wind Power Company, comprises 92 MySE 11-230 typhoon-proof hybrid-drive turbines, an onshore substation, and a 500 kV offshore substation.

Guangdong awarded a contract to MingYang Smart Energy for the supply of wind turbines in January last year.

The MySE 11-230 features a 230-metre-diameter rotor with an 11 MW rated output.

The electricity generated by the wind turbines is connected to the offshore substation through the 66 kV submarine cable.

According to Guangdong Energy, the wind farm is the first in the world for which a 500 kV HVAC offshore substation was built and the first to feature a 500 kV three-core subsea cable, which was provided by Orient Cable (NBO).


Once fully commissioned, the Qingzhou offshore wind farm will provide 3.6 TWh of clean power annually, saving 1.05 million tonnes of coal consumption and reducing 2.78 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, according to Guangdong Energy.


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