Polish Company Reveals Plans for 820 MW Floating Wind Farm Offshore Estonia

Poland-based Respect Energy Holding has unveiled plans to build a floating offshore wind farm off the coast of Estonia.

The planned project would be located off the coast of Estonia in the Wind Energy Innovation Area.

The 820 MW project will be implemented by Respect Energy Holding in cooperation with BaltiConnect, an offshore project development company.

Its planned launch is scheduled for 2032 and the wind farm is expected to produce 3.75 TWh of energy annually.

The floating offshore wind farm will also involve the pilot deployment of foundation technology with hydrogen and ammonia production located next to the wind turbines.

After submitting the application and appropriate applications, we begin a multi-stage project aimed at building an innovative marine farm off the coast of Estonia,” said Sebastian Jabłoński, president of the Respect Energy Capital Group.

“The construction of a pilot infrastructure for hydrogen and ammonia production, located at sea, additionally makes the Estonian project one of the most technologically advanced in this part of Europe. We have preliminary conditions for connection. We have also signed cooperation agreements with local partners from Estonia, which will enable us to create a local supply chain.”


The Polish firm already signed cooperation agreements with the Port of Tallinn regarding the use of the port infrastructure required to support production, assembly, and operation of the floating wind farm, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) concerning research and development cooperation and recruiting employees for the project, and LTH-Baas, responsible for the project’s installation of turbines and hydrogen and ammonia production infrastructure.


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