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Portugal, Norway Bolster Floating Offshore Wind Ties

The Portuguese cluster Forum Oceano and Norwegian Offshore Wind have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration between the supply chains in the two countries.


Forum Oceano and Norwegian Offshore Wind both focus on developing a strong supply chain in floating offshore wind.

“Floating offshore wind is an abundant blue renewable energy resource in Portugal, with a high potential of monetization already in the present decade, and also of regenerative impact for marine ecosystems,” said Ruben Eiras, Secretary-General of Forum Oceano.

Forum Oceano has been a crucial partner in the activities so far, and when the regulatory framework is being implemented, the MOU aims to lay the groundwork for new contracts between companies from the two countries, said Norwegian Offshore Wind.

“Forging a deep partnership with Norwegian companies is the way to go for accelerating this ocean industry in Portugal. It will establish solid business foundations for a resilient industry value chain between the two ocean countries,” said Eiras.

“In fact, efficient floating offshore wind will not only substitute fossil fuels imports for Portugal and the EU, augmenting its sustainable energy security, but will also generate a competitive tech-export driven industry for both Norway and Portugal”

The Portuguese Government has set a target of 10 GW of installed offshore wind by 2030, to be allocated via competitive auctions from the fourth quarter of 2023.


A total of 20 x 500 MW lots have been suggested with the first auction to include seven sites from the northernmost three areas.

The three areas that would be awarded in this first phase are located in Viana do Castelo, Leixões, and Figueira da Foz.

Approval of these proposals within the Plan for Allocation of Maritime Areas for Exploitation of Renewable Energies (PAER) is scheduled for the fourth quarter.

“The MoU will strengthen NOWs presence in Portugal and enable opportunities for the Norwegian supply chain in one of the most attractive floating offshore wind markets in Europe right now. This MoU adds to the one NOW signed earlier this year with Wavec,” said Einar Tollaksvik, who is heading up the industry-led working group for Portugal in Norwegian Offshore Wind.

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