Hollandse Kust Noord first power

Italian Firm to Build Green Hydrogen Platform for CrossWind’s Hollandse Kust Noord

CrossWind has awarded Rosetti Marino an Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation and Commissioning (EPCIC) contract for an offshore green hydrogen production and storage plant, located within CrossWind’s Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind farm in the Netherlands.

Eneco; Illustration

Rosetti Marino said that the pilot plant, called the Baseload Power Hub and fully integrated into an offshore wind farm, is a world first.

The plant on a MegaWatt scale will convert excess wind energy to green hydrogen through an electrolyser and store it as green hydrogen that can be converted to electricity when needed via a fuel cell.

It will also include battery storage for shorter-term power storage.

“It is the first platform of its kind in the world and the first that will produce offshore green hydrogen for renewable energy storage. Rosetti Marino hopes that solutions like this will have a significant follow-up and marks another important step towards diversification in favour of renewable energy and the circular economy”, said Oscar Guerra, CEO of the Ravenna-based company.

The Baseload Power Hub aims to reduce the problem of the intermittent character of renewable energy production as the wind does not blow at all times, by storing energy and releasing it when demand exceeds the wind farm output.

“By addressing the intermittency challenge associated with renewable power generation, we are revolutionising the way renewable energy sources can contribute to a cleaner and more reliable energy future. The realisation of the Baseload Power Hub with Rosetti Marino SpA will not only showcase CrossWind’s commitment to innovation but also demonstrate our dedication to foster better energy solutions”, said Maria Kalogera, Innovations Manager at CrossWind.

Rosetti Marino’s scope of work includes detailed engineering of the Baseload Power Hub, procurement of material and equipment, construction work, transport and installation at sea, commissioning, and start-up of the platform.

Activities are planned to begin immediately and are expected to be completed by the end of 2025.


The 759 MW Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind project is located 20 kilometres off the coast of Egmond aan Zee.

The project, being developed by a joint venture between Shell and Eneco, features 69 Siemens Gamesa’s SG 11.0-200 DD 11 MW wind turbines.

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Hollandse Kust Noord has many first-offs, including being the first wind park in the world with an offshore combination of battery storage and round-trip green hydrogen produced from offshore wind power on a megawatt scale.

Once completed, the offshore wind farm will be generating at least 3.3 TWh of clean energy per year.


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