Foundations Needed for German Offshore Wind Project

Vattenfall has issued a contract notice seeking the manufacturer of monopile foundations for the N-7.2 offshore wind project in the German North Sea.

Vattenfall/Hollandse Kust Zuid

The contract is divided into two lots, with Lot 1 covering the manufacturing of between 49 and 68 monopiles, and Lot 2 covering the production of the same number of transition pieces.

The tender remains open until 10 February.

Back in September 2022, Vattenfall exercised the step-in right to develop an offshore wind farm at the N-7.2 zone.

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Following a final investment decision by Vattenfall, the offshore wind farm could be connected to the German electricity grid sometime in 2027 and when fully developed, would have an output of 980 MW.

Located 85 kilometres off the island of Borkum, the N-7.2 project was originally developed under the name Global Tech II by a consortium led by Strabag SE.

Vattenfall acquired the project in 2016, but when a new offshore wind tendering system was put in place, the area was auctioned again.

Vattenfall held the step-in rights for the zone through Vattenfall Atlantis 1 and Global Tech 2 Offshore Wind GmbH. The step-in rights were awarded to companies whose projects had not made it through the second transitional tenders in previous auctions.

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