Green Ammonia Project Puts Greenland on Offshore Wind Map

Norway’s H2Carrier and the Greenland-based company Anori have signed a Letter of Intent with the purpose of developing the first commercial offshore wind farm in Greenland as part of a project to produce and export green ammonia.


The wind farm is projected to have a capacity of 1.5 GW and supply power to H2Carrier’s floating production vessel for hydrogen and green ammonia, the so-called P2XFloater™.

”We are proud to co-operate with H2Carrier and we all feel humble when embarking on this significant project which has a huge export potential for Greenland,” Palle Christiansen, CEO of Anori, said.

”Greenland is well positioned to realize such a project. We have space and such a project will not prevent other activities or projects. Greenland as attractive wind resources and ample access to clean water. Clients are based internationally and Greenland will benefit from new employment and export revenues. This is a win/win project- from the climate to the treasury!”

Green ammonia will be stored in tanks onboard the vessel, then exported to smaller shipping vessels and carried to the international market for ammonia, the companies said.

”At present, less than 1% of the global ammonia consumption globally is produced from renewable energy. We need to turn this around to come closer to 100% as soon as possible in order to reach the targets of the Paris agreement,” said Nicolai Fossar Fabritius, the Chairman of Anori.

As far as H2Carrier is aware, the P2XFloater™is the first of its kind to be launched on a global basis capable of producing hydrogen and ammonia on an industrial scale, the company said.

The P2XFloater™ is said to be based on well-proven technologies from floating production of oil and gas (FPSOs- floating production, storage and offloading) in combination with control systems which optimise renewable power, electrolysers, and the Haber-Bosch-process for production of ammonia.

H2Carrier plans to build, own/lease and operate a fleet of P2XFloaters™ on PtX projects globally.

“All industrial use of ammonia at present is associated with significant emissions of CO2. By building on established and proven technologies with a strong safety track record from oil and gas we have developed zero carbon solutions for ammonia which is a key ingredient in agriculture and the food industry,” H2Carrier’s CEO Mårten Lunde said.

”Greenland is uniquely positioned to take a leading role internationally for supply of green ammonia and locally, a significant industrial project of this magnitude will be important to the Greenland society by way of employment opportunities and positive economic impact. We are proud to co-operate on this project with Anori which express and reflects values and attitudes that we are confident will be valued by the society in Greenland.

Back in September, H2Carrier and the Norwegian utility Statkraft agreed to explore the use of the P2XFloater™ on certain offshore wind locations.

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Prior to that, H2Carrier received an Approval in Principle (AiP) from DNV for the use of the P2XFloater™ for nearshore production.

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