Steel Inspect and Mass Tank Strike Up Offshore Wind Partnership in US

US manufacturer of steel storage tanks, Mass Tank, and German consulting company, Steel Inspect, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the delivery of professional management and service contracts relating to quality management systems and onshore and offshore monitoring and construction supervision for the north American offshore wind energy sector.

“Mass Tank is very pleased to make this strategic agreement with Steel Inspect. This partnership combines the expertise of Steel Inspect’s broad experience in quality control services in the offshore wind sector and the in-depth experience of Mass Tank when it comes to NDT services and over 100 years of experience in the steel fabrication industry. The combination creates a strong player for all quality control services for the US offshore wind market,“ said Carl Horstmann, CEO of Mass Tank, and Kevin Halligan, Jr., Managing Director of Mass Tank.

Source: Steel Inspect

“We are very pleased to join forces with Mass Tank, as Mass Tank is a company with a wealth of experience in NDT services and a pioneer in offshore wind energy in the USA. Their wealth of experience and high reputation in the market make them the ideal partner for us to together create the pioneer full-service quality control service provider in the US offshore wind market,” added Maik Rienecker and Tobias Frey, Managing Directors of Steel Inspect.

Mass Tank operates both domestically and internationally. Its Inspection Services (MTIS) include the development and implementation of inspection protocols, critical path analysis, and scheduling, data quality control, assessment and report generation, and utilisation of various in-house equipment (Ultrasonic, Remote Operated Vehicles, Drones, etc.).

Steel Inspect is a quality consultancy company, based in Albbruck, Germany, that partners with the offshore wind energy sector in securing quality for all steel components for large-scale offshore wind farm construction projects.

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