Rosetti Marino to Design AGNES Romagna Wind Turbines

Rosetti Marino has been contracted by Agnes to prepare the conceptual design for the wind turbines of the AGNES Romagna project offshore Italy.


Under the contract, Rosetti Marino will analyse alternative foundation options for AGNES Romagna and provide input in terms of technical solutions to the forthcoming environmental impact assessment (EIA) and authorisation process.

The technical analysis of the wind farm, planned to be built in the Adriatic Sea, is expected to be completed in December this year.

“The preliminary design plan will give a more detailed overview of what the AGNES Romagna offshore farm could be like. AGNES would be in construction phase by 2025, therefore it is important for all research and analysis to be based on the newest possible technology and cost effective solution”, said Alberto Bernabini, AGNES CEO.

Last year, Italian authorities received an application seeking concession for a site in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Ravenna, where Agnes, Saipem, and QINT’X plan to develop an offshore energy hub.

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The energy hub consists of two offshore wind farms, Romagna 1 and Romagna 2, with a total capacity of 600 MW.

Romagna 1 would be built 22 kilometres off the coast of Lido di Classe, spanning an area of ​​85 square kilometres, where 25 wind turbines of 8 MW of capacity each would be installed. The floating photovoltaic system with a power of 100 MWp would be installed next to the Romagna 1 wind farm.

Romagna 2 would have a capacity of 400 MW with up to 50 8 MW turbines spinning some 26 kilometres offshore Porto Corsini.

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