EDF Renewables Launches Offshore Wind-to-Hydrogen Project in UK

EDF Renewables has launched a new green hydrogen project in Teesside, UK, which will be powered by offshore wind and solar energy.

The Tees Green Hydrogen production centre will be based in the vicinity of the former Redcar steelworks.

The project will use green electricity from EDF’s nearby operating Teesside offshore wind farm and a new solar farm the company is planning to construct near Redcar to power its hydrogen electrolyser.

EDF will work with its joint-venture partner and sister company, Hynamics, to supply local business customers with hydrogen in support of their decarbonisation efforts.

Operational since 2014, the Teesside offshore wind farm comprises 27 Siemens (Gamesa) 2.3 MW wind turbines with a combined capacity of 62.1 MW.

EDF Renewables owns a 51 per cent stake in the wind farm, with the remaining 49 per cent stake controlled by Dalmore Capital Limited and Pensions Infrastructure Platform.

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Teesside is the first offshore wind farm where the development, engineering, and construction were entirely led by EDF Group companies.

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Photo: Teesside offshore wind farm