Lithuania Mulls 300-Metre Offshore Wind Turbines, Seeks Feedback

Lithuania’s Ministry of Energy is seeking input from the industry and the interested parties on the elements relevant to the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the country’s first offshore wind project.


Lithuania plans to start the auctioning procedure for a 700 MW offshore wind project in 2023.

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The Ministry of Energy has concluded an agreement with the Institute of Coastal Research and Planning to conduct an EIA for the project, the draft of which was completed in October 2021.

According to the draft EIA, the wind farm would feature between 43 and 87 wind turbines with an individual capacity of between 8 MW and 16 MW. The height of the turbines may be between 140 metres and 300 metres.

The Ministry of Energy has now invited wind turbine manufacturers, wind farm developers, and all interested parties to join the public consultation on the draft EIA and provide feedback on the technical and physical characteristics of the wind turbines selected for the EIA.

The public consultation will be open until 3 March.

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