Seajacks Scylla vessel at sea

Van Oord Charters Seajacks Scylla

Seajacks UK Limited has signed a contract with Van Oord for the charter of the wind farm installation vessel Seajacks Scylla.

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Currently employed through 2022 in Taiwan, Seajacks Scylla will move to Europe upon completion of its existing turbine installation contract with Ørsted on the Greater Changhua 1 and 2a offshore wind farm.

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Arnoud Kuis, Managing Director, Van Oord Offshore Wind, said: ”We are delighted with this constructive cooperation with Seajacks. This cooperation gives us the ability to realise our growth ambitions in the offshore wind market both in, and outside, Europe.”

The firm charter duration of the Van Oord contract will generate approximately USD 60 million of revenue in 2023, Eneti Inc., the parent company of Seajacks, said.

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”Securing this charter will bring the Scylla back from the Asia Pacific to the European market by the end of 2022. For a large and highly capable installation vessel like Scylla, we are seeing numerous opportunities in the UK and Europe in 2024 and 2025 as wind turbines increase in size and weight and are located further offshore,” Emanuele Lauro, CEO of Eneti, said.

To date, Seajacks has installed over 500 offshore wind turbines in Europe and most recently in Taiwan. Seajacks UK owns and operates a fleet of five GustoMSC-designed vessels, all capable of installing and maintaining offshore wind farms in harsh conditions – Seajacks Kraken, Seajacks Leviathan, Seajacks Hydra, Seajacks Zaratan and the above-mentioned Seajacks Scylla.

Blair Ainslie, CEO of Seajacks, said: ”All of us here at Seajacks UK are once again thrilled to be working alongside Van Oord. The Scylla was previously chartered by Van Oord in 2019 to install monopile and transition pieces at the Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm in Germany. We had a positive experience there, and we look forward to another safe and efficient installation project.”