The cooperation between RAD Torque Systems B.V. and IntoMachines B.V. has resulted in the development of the most advanced integration of the famous E-RAD!


A fully autonomous or semi controlled Robotic Bolting System for Wind Tower Flanges.

It is the fastest bolting system on the market as it simultaneously operates two E-RADs that tighten tower bolts ranging from M36 up to M64 (max. 15.000 Nm).

The system can be used with a standard E-RAD BLU torque wrench, but with an added remote control on each control box. The robot itself weighs only 16-18 Kg (depending on confi guration) and can be easily transported and assembled up tower in a couple of minutes. The E-RADs are placed as usual on the fl ange without the traditional reaction arm and the robot slides in from the front and latches effortlessly on to the E-RADs.

With the advanced wireless HMI of the ABM, the bolting parameters can be programmed manually, or scanned by means of a QR code. The ABM takes control of the E-RADs and retrieves all bolting data via the open protocol interface. The system requires password protected authorization for adjusting bolting process parameters and monitors the entire tightening process precisely for error free bolting.

All results and actions are recorded in an extensive data log that can be easily forwarded by email directly from the HMI.

The ABM requires only one operator, the robot does all the heavy lifting and indicates cleary what the operator needs to do. ABM REQUIRES ONLY ONE OPERATOR, THE ROBOT DOES ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING AND INDICATES CLEARLY WHAT THE OPERATOR NEEDS TO DO.

The ABM can be adjusted to fit onto a wide range of wind tower flanges from different manufacturers.

Main advantages

  • Makes use of the well-known and proven E-RAD system
  • Very safe! No reaction arm and no traditional pinch point hazards
  • Fastest system on the market which can also work with 2 robots (4 E-RADs!) and logs all data in one single data log
  • Prevents incorrect tightening or incorrect bolting procedures; the operator cannot change input data without authorization
  • Extensive data logging with graphs of each tightened bolt; the system proofs that the bolts have been tightened according to specifi cation
  • The interface is web based and can be accessed by any smartphone or tablet.


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