Fugro to Perform FLiDAR Measurements for Danish Energy Islands

Danish transmission system operator Energinet has awarded Fugro Norway AS a floating measurements contract for the Energy Islands and offshore wind farms in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.


Under the contract, which is divided into four Lots, two for works in the North Sea and two for works in the Baltic Sea, Fugro Norway AS will perform atmospheric and oceanographic measurements for the designated project areas.

The total value of the contract is EUR 2,570,400 excluding VAT.

Back in June 2020, Denmark approved the development of the two energy islands, one in the North Sea and one in the Baltic Sea, with a combined capacity of 5 GW. Both energy islands must be connected to other countries’ grids and completed by 2030.

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The island in the North Sea will be artificial, situated 80 kilometers from the shore of the Jutland peninsula. Around 200 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 3 GW are expected to be installed in the first phase of the project.

When fully developed, the North Sea energy island hub will reach a capacity of 10 GW.

The other energy island will be established on the island of Bornholm and have a capacity of 2 GW.

In April, Fugro secured another contract with Energinet for the Energy Island project in the North Sea.

Under this contract, Fugro is tasked with performing geophysical and unexploded ordnance (UXO) magnetometry surveys, which will be used to prepare an integrated geological and geotechnical soil model on which wind farm developers will base future tenders.

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