Vattenfall Seeks HV Commissioning Services

Swedish energy company Vattenfall is seeking a provider of HV commissioning services for its offshore wind farms.

The work will predominately be carried out during the construction phases, but also during the operating life of the wind farms.

This tender is not meant for only supplying HV services personnel, Vattenfall said.

The services will consist of two main areas: HV Control Room – technical solution for the setup of infrastructure and running of the control room including control room engineers; and Onsite Resources: the supply of fully qualified resources to the project which typically would be Senior Authorized Persons (SAPs).

The requirements will differ according to each individual construction project requirement and also includes the provision of these services into the company’s operational sites.

The tender remains open until 30 June. Vattenfall expects to award the contract, valued at EUR 9 million, at the end of September.

Photo: Vattenfall