Advisian Worley Group Secures Offshore Wind Double in New York

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has selected Advisian Worley Group to assist this US state in reaching the goal of having 9 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2035.

Advisian Worley Group will be providing project advisory services to NYSERDA in the capacity of Buyer’s Engineer.

As part of its offshore wind program, NYSERDA is procuring contracts for the purchase and sale of Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Certificates (ORECs) and associated infrastructure agreements with developers.

As Buyer’s Engineer, Advisian Worley Group will support NYSERDA’s offshore wind program by providing project management services related to its OREC contract management and related technical support.

”We are proud to support NYSERDA as they take great strides to develop offshore wind as a viable renewable energy source on the east coast. This program is yet another step towards our shared goals to deliver a more sustainable world,” Gary Leatherman, Ph.D., Vice President, Power Advisory, Renewables & Distributed Energy, Advisian Worley Group, said.

The Great Lakes Wind Feasibility Study

Advisian Worley Group has also been selected by NYSERDA to team with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and The Brattle Group, Inc. on a Great Lakes Wind Feasibility Study for New York.

The team will examine and assess interconnections, port infrastructure, wind technologies, site conditions, geohazards, wind resources, environmental, maritime, economic, workforce, and social aspects of wind development in Lakes Erie and Ontario.

The team will prepare cost reduction pathways, permit roadmaps, scenario development, environmental sensitivity models, potential development timelines, and visual impact assessment to inform feasibility.

NREL is leading the technological and financial studies; Brattle Group, Inc. is leading the interconnection study; and Advisian Worley Group is leading environmental, regulatory, and user conflict studies and supporting NREL’s economic and geohazards assessments.

Advisian Worley Group is assessing relative risks associated with environmental compliance and impacts, visual effects, and mitigation and providing information on public health benefits, environmental justice, effects to disadvantaged communities, and decarbonization benefits.

The company will also consider barriers that have impeded offshore wind on the US East and West coasts as they relate to Great Lakes Wind.

”The Great Lakes have the potential to provide millions of people in that region with renewable energy. I am excited to help the State of New York determine if this resource can be added to its renewables portfolio and further support energy transition in the US,” Sarah Courbis, Ph.D., Senior Marine Protected Species and Regulatory Specialist, said.

Photo: Illustration; Photo source: DNV