HOFOR Picks Consultancy Provider for Danish Nearshore Pair

New Power Partners has secured a contract to provide HOFOR with consultancy services for the Aflandshage and Nordre Flint offshore wind projects in Denmark.


Together with Lautec Group and Blue Power Partners, New Power Partners will consult on the WTG package within sourcing and procurement, construction setup and preparation for O&M.

HOFOR selected the Danish company for the work by a tender process.

Aflandshage and Nordre Flint will be located 12 km east of Copenhagen and 10 km from the south point of Amager, respectively.

The nearshore wind farms are planned to be constructed in 2023-2024.

The total feasibility study area of the 160 MW Nordre Flint is circa 42 km2, of which the potential area for offshore wind turbines amounts to approximately 17 km2.

Aflandshage is expected to have a capacity of 250 MW. Its total feasibility study area is approximately 65 km2, of which the potential area for turbines is circa 44 km2.