Ørsted Selects Offshore Wind Turbine Support Team

Ørsted has awarded contracts for specialised and technical wind turbine support to Atlas Services Group Energy and Wind Multiplikator, following a competitive tender procedure.

The contracts cover inspection and service of wind turbine parts and provision of personnel for this kind of work on Ørsted’s operational offshore wind farms in the UK, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

For specialised wind turbine support on offshore wind farms in Continental Europe, the developer has chosen Wind Multiplikator, while Atlas Services Group Energy will provide the same services for Ørsted’s UK offshore wind farms. Atlas Services Group Energy will also provide technical services for the developer in both UK and Continental Europe.

This includes endoscopic inspections of components inside the nacelle, especially of detailed parts in gearboxes; endoscopic inspections of main bearings, especially on Siemens Gamesa 6 MW direct drive (SGRE DD6.0) wind turbines; generator inspections, especially on 3.6, 4.0, DD6.0, and Vestas (MHI Vestas) V164 turbines; and uptower exchanges of components in generators and gearboxes.

Technical support includes delivering Ørsted-authorized personnel for major EOW campaigns for walk-downs and technical check points in turbines as well as internal blades, full scope heavy lift technicians and lifting supervisors for major component exchange campaigns and ad-hoc operations, and client representative for blade repair and upgrade/retrofit campaigns.

The technical support contract also covers performing site-related work as retrofit, scheduled annual service, exchange of hydraulic components, check and repair of components in the turbine and bolt tightening in relation to service schedule.

All contracts have been awarded until 31 December 2023, with an option of extension for one year.

Photo: Illustration; Borssele 1 & 2 offshore wind farm in the Netherlands; Photo: Ørsted