Application Window Opens for New UK Floating Wind Funding Scheme

The UK Government has launched the application window for the Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) Demonstration Programme and set the deadline for submitting interest by noon 18 June.

The government issued its call at the beginning of March for what is a new funding scheme to support the development of technologies and products for the floating offshore wind industry.

FOW Demonstration Programme targets four challenge areas, including mooring/anchoring, dynamic cables, floaters/foundations, as well as miscellaneous – those that meet the programme scope and objectives but are not covered by the first three areas.

It seeks the best ideas across technology areas and the grant funding scheme will focus on UK-based initiatives.

The demonstration projects will focus on mid-technology readiness level (TRL) technologies that are ready to be proved, the government stated.

Photo: Equinor/Hywind Scotland floating wind farm