VestVind to Sport ABB Advisory Software

United Wind Logistics’ module deck carrier VestVind will feature ABB’s OCTOPUS advisory software to support real-time decision-making while transporting wind farm components.

By minimizing unwanted vessel motions and accelerations, ABB said its Ability Marine Advisory System – OCTOPUS software will help protect high-value payloads in transit, at the same time boosting vessel efficiency by optimizing the route based on vessel motions resulting from weather and wave conditions.

This is expected to allow the module deck carrier to increase its operational window, during which it will be able to perform tasks safely and efficiently even during weather-sensitive operations.

ABB Ability Marine Fleet Portal implementation is also part of the scope, which allows vessel and cargo owners to view the status and location of assets online and gives access to reports sent from ship to server to ensure peace of mind during high-stakes operations.

Installation of the solution onboard the 130-meter VestVind follows application onboard United Wind’s module deck carriers BoldWind and BraveWind, both delivered in 2020.

“The benefits of ABB’s marine advisory system continue to prove compelling,” said Christoph Puschmann, Managing Director, United Wind Logistics.

“As demand for larger wind farm components grows and we are tasked with transporting heavier and ever-more expensive cargoes, the importance of motion monitoring and forecasting only increases. We look forward to reaping the same safety and efficiency benefits onboard Vestwind as we have secured for our newbuildings BoldWind and BraveWind.”

Photo: United Wind Logistics