Finnish Enterprise Seeks Partner to Develop Offshore Wind Farm

Finnish state-owned enterprise Metsähallitus is looking for a partner to jointly develop an offshore wind project in Finland.

As previously reported, the environmental services provider plans to develop a wind farm approximately 15 kilometres off the coast of the municipality of Korsnäs.

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According to preliminary plans, the wind farm will feature ”up to dozens” of wind turbines with an individual capacity of between 12 MW and 20 MW. The wind turbines will be installed across an area covering 180 square kilometres in a public water zone managed by Metsähallitus.

The project’s exact capacity and the final demarcation of the wind farm site at the selected area will be known as the planning progresses.

Metsähallitus has now issued a tender seeking a commercial advisor who will assist in the selection of the partner on the project.

The partner’s role will be to provide the technical and financial implementation of the wind farm and to develop the project in cooperation with Metsähallitus.

Project development, which includes wind measurements, environmental impact assessment and zoning, and applying for water and building permits, is estimated to last for about four years.

Once the authority permits for the project have been approved, the project rights of the wind farm are sold either to the project partner or to a third party.

The buyer of project rights builds the wind farm or commissions it to be built and is responsible for its operation. The sea area will not be sold but will remain state-owned, and Metsähallitus will charge an annual fee for its use.

Photo: Siemens Gamesa/Illustration