TenneT Prequalifying for Jack-Up Barge Tenders

TenneT has launched a qualification process for tenders that will seek the provision of jack-up barges in Germany and the Netherlands.

For each requirement of a jack-up barge, the company will issue an invitation to tender or request for quotation.

The vessels will support scheduled and unscheduled maintenance campaigns at TenneT’s offshore assets in the German or Dutch North Sea.

The technical requirements can vary depending on the scope of work a jack-up barge needs to be deployed for.

In general, TenneT plans to use the vessels for crane operations and personnel accommodation, and for several side tasks, if necessary.

A jack-up barge in the context of this qualification and tender is defined as any non-propelled or self-propelled marine vessel that is fitted with legs and a jacking system that provides the vessel with the capability to elevate the hull above the surface of the sea. Other industry terms used to identify jack-ups are Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs), Self-Elevating Platforms (SEPs) and Lift Boats, the tender qualification document reads.

Quality criteria for the tender are technical aspects and contract, weighing 35 per cent and 30 per cent, respectively, while price weighs 35 per cent in the selection process.

Photo: TenneT; Illustration