Equinor Gathers Public Feedback for UK Offshore Wind Extensions

Equinor Gathers Public Feedback for UK Offshore Wind Extensions

Equinor has published the summary reports from the first phase of community consultations for the extensions of the Sheringham Shoal and Dudgeon offshore wind farms in the UK.


As part of the development process, early-stage proposals were presented locally and online for feedback from the community and key stakeholders.

Phase one community consultation ran from 9 July until 20 August and collected almost 300 pieces of feedback which will be used for refining the project proposals, Equinor said.

Most participants said they were supportive of the proposals, and valuable information was provided on key topics, including the management of the traffic, access, and noise and vibration considerations during the construction of the onshore infrastructure. 

Ecology and nature conservation, visual impacts both onshore and offshore and consideration of the cumulative effects of other infrastructure developments in Norfolk were also highlighted as areas of particular importance to the local community.

“Engaging early with communities local to our two projects has been valuable for capturing feedback to inform the next phase. All of the feedback has been thoroughly reviewed and is being considered as we refine our proposals,” said Kari-Hege Mørk, Equinor’s Project Manager for the Sheringham and Dudgeon Extension Projects.

“Responses to all feedback received throughout the development process will be provided in our final Consultation Report when we submit our DCO application.”

A more detailed report, along with on-going surveys and technical investigations will be shared in the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) for phase two of the community consultation.

This second phase will be held in Spring 2021 when Equinor will be presenting its refined plans, inviting comments to the PEIR and providing additional information including visualizations of what the projects will look like onshore and from the coast.