ESB Launches Geophysical Surveys Qualification System

ESB Launches Geophysical Surveys Qualification System

Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board (ESB) has invited applications for its Offshore Geophysical Surveys Qualification System.


Through this procedure, ESB plans to procure the scope of services pertaining to the offshore geophysical surveys for the development of its offshore wind farm projects in Ireland and the UK.

The scope of the services is intended to provide all significant seabed and sub-seabed information to assist in the wind farm design phase and subsequent turbine and cable installation of the project or projects, ESB said.

ESB has partnered with Parkwind in the development of the 330 MW Oriel and the 500 MW Clogherhead wind farms offshore Ireland.

Back in November 2019, ESB entered into strategic partnering agreements with Equinor to co-develop offshore wind assets in Ireland.

ESB took its first step into offshore wind in 2018 by acquiring a 12.5 per cent stake in the 335 MW Galloper offshore wind farm in the UK.

The state-owned electricity company has since bought a 50 per cent shareholding in the 448 MW Neart na Gaoithe wind farm project located off the east coast of Scotland which is currently under construction.