Vento Maritime Joins MMT on US Offshore Wind Project

MMT US Inc. has awarded Vento Maritime with a contract for MetOcean forecasts and weather support at Equinor’s Beacon Wind project offshore Massachusetts.

Earlier this year, Equinor Wind US contracted MMT for geophysical survey services at the offshore wind lease area in New England.

The project covers high resolution geophysical, benthic surveys and shallow subsurface surveys for project planning and engineering.

Work will be performed by the Stril Explorer, which is expected to arrive in the U.S. in a few days and is planned to run continuously to Q2 next year, Vento Maritime said.

The company is also providing tropical storm warnings, a service that has been in effect the last couple of days as ex-hurricane Isaias passed inland along the U.S. East Coast.

In early 2019, Equinor secured Lease OCS-A 0520, now known as Beacon Wind, offshore New England for USD 135 million.

The area covers 128,000ha and is located approximately 20 miles south of Massachusetts and 70 miles east of New York.

Photo: Equinor