New York to Procure up to 2.5 GW of Offshore Wind in 2020

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) authorised the state’s Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to issue a solicitation for 1,000 MW or more of offshore wind capacity in 2020.

The authorisation comes with the flexibility for NYSERDA to evaluate a range of bids for up to 2,500 MW of capacity.

Still, it is worth noting that PSC approved 1,000+ MW, with the possibility to go up to 2,500 MW being subject to compelling pricing and other terms.

The move is in line with the effort to maintain New York’s trajectory in meeting its clean energy goals, according to the PSC’s authorisation order.

The state of New York released its Offshore Wind Master Plan in January 2018, setting a target of 2,400 MW of offshore wind by 2030.

The same year, PSC authorised NYSERDA to hold initial offshore wind solicitations for a total of approximately 800 MW or more. In the event of procuring more than 800 MW, PSC required NYSERDA to seek authorisation for soliciting further offshore wind capacity.

In October 2019, NYSERDA completed the initial procurement by selecting two projects totalling 1,696 MW. The approved projects are Ørsted and Eversource Energy’s Sunrise Wind and Equinor’s Empire Wind offshore wind farms.

NYSERDA filed a petition requesting authorisation to conduct an additional procurement on 28 January 2020.

If 2,500 MW of projects are approved, the 2020 procurement could add further 1,800 MW of offshore wind capacity beyond the 2,400 MW goal.