A photo of Heli Service helicopter at an offshore wind farm

EWE Picks Heli Providers Offshore Germany

EWE Offshore Service & Solutions (OSS) has awarded contracts for the provision of helicopter services from Emden, Germany, to offshore wind farms.

The selected parties will be responsible for the execution of helicopter transports for personnel and material from Emden to offshore wind projects, with possible stopovers on Borkum.

Heli Service International

Northern HeliCopter GmbH will provide a large helicopter for the work, while EWE did not reveal which contractor will provide a small helicopter.

Heli Service International is in charge of providing helicopter transport for unplanned interference operations.

According to a spokesperson from the company, the primary purpose of Heli Service will be troubleshooting work on the Riffgat, Alpha Ventus and Merkur offshore wind projects.

At the end of 2019, EWE opened a tender for helicopter services from Emden to the Riffgat, Alpha Ventus, Merkur, Trianel Windpark Borkum and Gemini offshore wind farms.

The original article was updated on 11 March at 1:40 CET.