Shanghai Electric Installs China’s First 8MW Wind Turbine

Shanghai Electric has installed the first 8MW wind turbine at its Shantou Intelligent Manufacturing Base in Guangdong Province, said to be the largest unit ever installed in China.


Shanghai Electric holds a license to manufacture, sell, and install Siemens Gamesa’s 8MW Direct Drive turbines in China.

The installed turbine has a rotor with a 167-meter diameter, a swept area of 21,900 m2, and utilizes the B81 blades each measuring 81.4 meters. The blades were installed with the assistance of Liftra’s Blade Dragon yoke.

The model has been modified to address conditions across the Asia-Pacific region such as typhoons, seismic activities, as well as high and low ambient temperatures.

Compared to the 7MW wind turbine, this model produces 20% more electricity and reduces the Levelised Cost of Electricity by around 11%, Shanghai Electric said.