Saitec Joins Atlantic Region Floating Wind Research Project

Saitec Joins Atlantic Region Floating Wind Research Project

Saitec Offshore is taking part in the EU-funded ArcWind project focused on boosting floating offshore wind energy in the Atlantic Region.


The Adaptation and Implementation of Floating Wind Energy Conversion Technology for the Atlantic Region (ArcWind) project aims to drive the floating wind energy forward to become a major contributor of green energy in the Atlantic Area countries.

Its aim is to contribute to the transition from fixed to floating wind systems for use in deeper water and more exposed sites in the region, to derive a methodology for selecting locations for siting floating offshore wind farms, as well as application cases in the Atlantic Area countries.

In order to assess feasibility, a 10MW turbine with SATH Technology from Saitec is being tested at Institut Français pour la Recherche et l’Exploitation de la MER and France Energies Marines.

Wind energy potential in the Atlantic Region will be investigated by complementing existing wind data with detailed information resulting from a regional atmospheric model and remote sensed data.

The feasibility and appropriateness of having different types of floating wind turbines installed in various locations, considering specific site features and the main types of floating structures: semi-submersibles, tension-leg platforms and spar type, will also be studied.

Research is led by Instituto Superior Técnico Portugal and brings together companies, universities and institutions from Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and the UK.

The project received funding from the European Union’s Interreg Atlantic Area program.