400+ Businesses Join New Jersey Offshore Wind Supply Chain Registry

More than 400 businesses have joined New Jersey’s Offshore Wind Supply Chain Registry since it launched less than five months ago, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) said.


Businesses that have joined the registry run the gamut from construction/installation to subsea surveying, including engineering (more than 150), installation (106), cable (52), surveying (50), education and training (31), supply-chain logistics (23), and steel fabricators (7). More than 160 New Jersey companies, in 19 out of the state’s 21 counties, are represented on the registry.

The free, searchable registry creates a profile of each business, including their contact information and core competencies, and makes the information available to other businesses and projects throughout the offshore wind industry.

“Governor Murphy has set a bold vision for 100 percent clean energy by 2050 and businesses up and down the supply chain will be a driving force behind achieving this critical goal,” NJEDA Chief Executive Officer Tim Sullivan said.

“New Jersey’s Offshore Wind Supply Chain Registry is a powerful tool for helping to ensure that our state’s companies are positioned for the opportunities created by this emerging sector, which has the potential to create thousands of good paying jobs.”

The registry was developed as part of the NJEDA’s membership in the Business Network for Offshore Wind to address the feedback by helping to attract more offshore wind companies to New Jersey and create new opportunities for Jersey-based companies by integrating them into the offshore wind supply chain. The online portal enables investors exploring offshore wind-related projects in New Jersey to find Jersey-based companies to partner with or purchase from.

“New Jersey is a relatively new player in the offshore wind space, but what it lacks in longevity it has more than made up for with enthusiasm, resources, and productivity,” said Liz Burdock, Chief Executive Officer of the Business Network for Offshore Wind.

“The speed with which New Jersey hit the 400-registrant mark shows that businesses throughout the state are realizing not only the environmental impact but also the economic advantages that offshore wind brings to the Garden State.”