LOC Group Joins TWIND Project

LOC Group has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the TWIND project, focused on creating a network of research professionals for the offshore wind industry in Portugal.

The EUR 796,000 three-year project, launched in July, has the objective of dynamizing a pool of specialized research professionals and trainees in support of Portugal’s emerging offshore wind sector.

With the Advisory Board position, LOC will be focused on the strategic orientation of the project and consolidating the necessary industrial, market-oriented perspective of the efforts.

“Being asked to join the Advisory Board for such an important project is a great honour and I am delighted to accept,” said R V Ahilan, CEO of LOC Group.

“As a people business, I am pleased that we are supporting the development of talent to enter the offshore renewables industry, which by all accounts will be one of the fastest growing energy industries.”

TWIND is coordinated by the Portugal-based WavEC Offshore Renewables and gathers Spain’s Tecnalia Research & Innovation, the UK’s Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, and the Dutch Delft University of Technology.

The target of the project is to raise the research profile of WavEC in the field of offshore wind energy, enhancing at the same time the scientific and technological capacity of all the institutions involved.

It aims to do so by coordinating efforts and enhancing excellence and innovation capacity through the exchange of knowledge with the above-mentioned counterparts at the EU level.

Photo: Illustration.