Vento Maritime Bolts Into Action for Ørsted

Ørsted has awarded the Copenhagen-based Vento Maritime to provide weather services for six of Ørsted’s UK offshore wind farms located in the Irish Sea.

Vento Maritime is providing Ørsted with similar services for the company’s Danish offshore wind farms, with a special focus on the lightning risk at the wind farms through their Lightning Alert Service.

This service is said to allow Vento Maritime to offer a personalized service when it comes to thunderstorms and lightning risk by not only monitor lightning strikes, but also monitoring the cloud development and formation of potential thunderstorms in order to forecast potential lightning strikes.

Another important feature is the communication to site manager, the company said, both to brief beforehand regarding the lightning risk on a given day and also to make sure they get timely, accurate and relevant information in connection with lightning alerts.

“The six offshore wind farms are a great addition to our portfolio, and it shows our commitment to the UK offshore wind industry,” said Vento Maritimes Director of Operations Hans Christian Hansen.

Photo: Ørsted/Illustration

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