Danes Start EIR Review for Frederikshavn Project

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) is inviting input for the environmental impact report (EIR) which will be prepared for the Frederikshavn offshore wind project.

Denmark’s Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt gave permission to European Energy at the end of last year to conduct surveys at the project site offshore Frederikshavn.

All survey data will be incorporated into the EIR, which is then due to be submitted to the DEA by 31 December 2020.

Those that may be affected by the development of the project are free to provide questions, ideas and proposals on the content of the EIR by 14 August.

The Frederikshavn project will include up to five wind turbines that will produce a capacity of up to 72MW. The project site includes a circa 5.5 km2 area located some 4.5km east of Frederikshavn Harbor.

Danish Energy Agency Seeks EIR Input for New Offshore Wind Farm
Source: Danish Energy Agency

Photo: Danish Energy Agency

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