Trelleborg Protects Kincardine Cables

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation delivered a range of cable protection solutions for the Kincardine floating wind farm and the 2MW turbine that started producing power in October 2018.


Installed in quarter three of 2018, Trelleborg manufactured and delivered Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBM), bend stiffeners and Uraduct cable and flow line protection for the Scottish pilot project.

Once complete, Kincardine will feature five additional floating turbines with individual capacity of 9.6MW each and an installed capacity of 50MW in total.

The remaining five turbines are scheduled for installation about 15 kilometers south-east of Aberdeen in Scotland through the first half of 2020.

“The region’s desire to enhance and accelerate the development of renewable energy is helping propel innovation and project successes that can be used on future renewable projects,” Daniel Bate, Renewables Sales Manager within Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation, said.

“As a floating structure, the success of the Kincardine project has the potential to unlock new energy opportunities as the technology can be deployed virtually anywhere, regardless of seabed depth.”