COBRAcable Lands in Netherlands

Dutch transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT brought the COBRAcable ashore on 9 November, according to the TSO's social media posts. 

Photo: TenneT

The 700MW HVDC cable connection runs from Endrup in Denmark to Eemshaven in the Netherlands, with a part of it also crossing German territorial waters.

The 325km interconnector is a joint project between Danish and Dutch TSOs Energinet and TenneT.

In Denmark, COBRAcable made landfall some year ago on the island of Fanø, from where it was taken further to the Danish mainland.

The interconnector will allow for exchange of renewable energy between the two countries, and it has been designed to enable a connection to an offshore wind farm at a later stage.

COBRAcable is scheduled for commissioning in 2019.

Offshore WIND staff