Wind Energy Industry’s Progress Helps EU Raise 2030 RE Target

The main driver behind the forecast that wind energy will become the largest power source in the European Union well before 2030 is the EU’s decision to raise the 2030 renewable energy target to 32%, which has come as a result of the industry and government’s conclusions that the 27% target set in 2016 is not enough, given the progress made within the sector.

From the perspective of the wind energy sector, this decision was supported by the facts that the industry is moving forward, continuously working cost reductions, and rolling out more powerful turbines, especially in offshore wind, all of which the policymakers in Brussel have taken note, according to Joël Meggelaars, Head of Advocacy and Messaging at WindEurope.

The forecast on wind energy becoming the EU’s largest power source in 2027, instead of 2030, was announced by International Energy Agency (IEA) Executive Director, Fatih Birol at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg. According to the IEA, wind electricity generation in the EU will more than triple to 1,100 TWh by 2040.

There is no doubt that the wind energy sector is rapidly moving forward, however, subsidy-free offshore wind projects (and tenders) are, for the time being, more of an exception than they are a rule, according to Meggelaars.

The industry’s progress, bigger turbines, and government policies facilitating more wind energy in the energy mix will be discussed at the Offshore Wind Conference 2018 opening session A new dawn for offshore wind.

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