Dutch Set Date for Next Renewables Subsidy Round

The Dutch government is set to open this year’s autumn round of SDE+ subsidy applications for renewable energy on 2 October.

The SDE+ (Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie/ Encouraging Sustainable Energy Production) will be available for applications until 8 November at 5 p.m. local time.

With a budget of EUR 6 billion, this latest round will include three phases, each having a maximum phase amount, rising from EUR 9 ct/kWh in the first phase to EUR 13 ct/kWh in the last phase.

All companies, institutes and (non-profit) organizations that intend to produce renewable energy are welcome to apply. Applicants that do not plan to set up and operate the production installation itself are not eligible candidates.

The granted subsidy is the maximum subsidy over the entire period of eight, 12 or 15 years and is determined based on the indicated capacity and the maximum number of full load hours for the technology.

The cost price for the production of renewable energy is recorded in the base amount for the technology, with the market value of the energy supplied recorded in the correction sum. The base amount applied for covers the entire duration of the SDE+ subsidy, while the correction amount is re-established each year.

The maximum grant is reached when the correction amount is equal to the base price of energy. The final payments are calculated per year on the amount of energy produced and the actual price of energy.