Jifmar Acquires North West Marine

Jifmar Offshore Services has acquired the Scotland-based North West Marine (NWM), combining its management of offshore projects and support for developers of bottom-fixed and floating wind farms with NWM’s territorial base.

According to Jifmar, NWM’s territorial base represents an undeniable asset for the group, while the partnership will allow both companies to break new ground in their development.

The French company will also supply the new subsidiary with several of its vessels, with Paul B already delivered to Scottish waters and other vessels following.

“North West Marine and Jifmar have the same DNA, both companies are oriented towards the realization of maritime projects. Complementarities are obvious and our teams have already started working together for several months,” Jean-Michel Berud, Chairman of Jifmar Offshore Services, said.

The investment follows Jifmar’s acquisition of VDC Offshore last year and is said to illustrate its strategy to rely on locally established players to boost development in France and internationally.

Founded in 2005, Jifmar provides assistance to offshore wind, tidal and wave operators, as well as marine construction and engineering firms. The company focuses on offshore terminal management integrated inspection-maintenance-repair (IMR) services, combining project management and engineering, workboats, multipurpose and personnel transfer vessels, ROVs, and specialized tools and protocols.

Photo: Image source: Jifmar Offshore Services