Ørsted and WWF Partner Up on Green Future

The offshore wind giant Ørsted has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on fighting the impact of climate change, with focus on developing new initiatives that engage children and young people in Denmark in this endeavour. 

The partners, who want to restore the balance of nature and create a world that runs entirely on green energy, will organise a ‘climate safari’ for children and young people as their first joint event.

Ørsted and WWF will also be identifying the impact of climate change on particularly vulnerable natural areas and wildlife. With this new knowledge, the partners will protect climate-endangered species and nature, e.g. by establishing ‘climate refuges’ which provide animals with the right space and living conditions when water levels rise, or when drought and extreme weather set in.

The World Wildlife Fund will also be advising Ørsted on its sustainability strategy so that the company can remain one of the world’s leading green energy companies in future.

Henrik Poulsen, CEO of Ørsted, said: “Climate change is a huge challenge for our planet. We owe it to our planet and to future generations to transform our energy systems from black to green. At Ørsted, we’re convinced that this is possible, not least because it’s now cheaper to produce green energy than black. WWF is a competent partner with extensive knowledge about climate and green energy, and we’re looking forward to working with them.”

Bo Øksnebjerg, Secretary General of WWF, said: “Endangered animals are under pressure, corals are dying, and the world’s major cities are running out of drinking water. There’s a need for action – and it’s urgent! We should only use renewable energy and give nature and wildlife a helping hand where global warming is pushing them up against the wall. We need to involve everyone in Denmark: From the Danish Parliament to the business community and the schools. Ørsted is one of the green front runners in Denmark, and we’re very pleased that Ørsted is assuming this responsibility alongside us.”


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