Sofia Gets Electricity Generation Licence

The UK Gas and Electricity Markets Authority has granted an electricity generation licence to Sofia Offshore Wind Farm Limited.

Source: innogy

Sofia Offshore Wind Farm Limited is a Swindon-based special purpose company set up by innogy for the development of the 1.2GW Sofia offshore wind farm.

The project is being developed 165 kilometres off the coast of the North East of England, on the shallow central area of the North Sea known as the Dogger Bank. It will comprise up to 200 turbines.

Innogy was developing the project as part of the Forewind consortium until August 2017 when the company became the sole owner of the Teesside B, which was subsequently renamed to Sofia.

The Sofia project is currently progressing through the latter stages of development, innogy said.

Prior to commencing construction, a Final Investment Decision will need to be made which will require a successful outcome in a Contract for Difference (CfD) auction.