RVO.nl Hires Advisory Team for Hollandse Kust West Soil Investigations

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) has awarded BLIX, together with its partners Reynolds International, Wind Support, RPS, Periplus and Marine Geological Advice, with a contract for expert support for soil investigations for the offshore wind farm zone Hollandse Kust (West).

The work scope encompasses management of the geophysical survey, geotechnical survey and the morphodynamical study, as well as quality check of the soil investigations.

BLIX has provided similar work for offshore wind zones Borssele, Hollandse Kust (Zuid) and Hollandse Kust (Noord).

Matté Brijder, Project Manager at RVO.nl said: “We’re glad that BLIX supports us again. They put together a balanced team of experts for the soil investigations of Hollandse Kust (west). We are confident we, together with BLIX, will improve the quality of the data set for developers again.”

As reported earlier, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and RVO.nl plan to issue a tender for geophysical investigations on the Hollandse Kust (West) wind farm zone in early June 2018.

The 1.4GW Hollandse Kust (West) is one of the three wind farm zones identified in the Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap 2030, which looks to add further 7GW of offshore wind capacity in the Dutch North Sea from 2024 to 2030. The tender for the development of the Hollandse Kust (West) zone is planned for 2021.