Aon Helps Clients Keep Up with Fast-Evolving Offshore Wind Industry (Expertise Hub VIDEO)

Aon is currently involved in several developments of offshore wind projects. Peter van den Brink, Aon Risk Solutions’ Industry Director for Energy and Marine Logistics in the Netherlands, sees challenges and opportunities in this fast-evolving market.

“The offshore wind industry is developing rapidly and the insurance market can’t always keep up. Insurers don’t always offer the right solutions which is something Aon, the worldwide leader in risk management and insurance broking, obviously helps to change in the interest of their clients,” Van den Brink said.

Van den Brink sees it as Aon’s role to help insurers, in close collaboration with clients, really adopt innovations.

“In addition, we offer products that will help our clients mitigate risks and make these projects successful. Aon is active in the whole offshore supply chain. We help principals, lenders, contractors and manufacturers absorb new risks, by offering them risk management solutions and new types of insurance solutions to mitigate or transfer risks and reduce cost duplication,” said Van den Brink.

Watch our Expertise Hub video to find out how Aon is helping the offshore wind industry to achieve further cost reductions and keep up with the fast-paced market developments.

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