Saitec and Univergy to Cooperate on Japan’s Floating Wind

Saitec Offshore Technologies and Univergy Internacional have signed an agreement for the creation of a special purpose company for the development of floating wind projects with SATH (Swinging Around Twin Hull) technology in Japan.

Source: Saitec

According to Saitec, Univergy will contribute to the new company with the know-how about the development of offshore wind projects within the Japanese territory, where it has developed more than 800MW in the last five years.

Saitec will be in charge of providing technical knowledge about the basic engineering, producing layouts for the development of the projects, implementing the SATH technological solution in the projects and equipment selection, as well as the construction of the projects.

SATH is a floating solution made of concrete, comprising two twin hulls bonded to a single point, with a bearing that allows the platform to swing around this point. The Single Point Mooring approach, commonly employed in the oil & gas industry, reduces the pressure on the platform, the company said.

Saitec pointed out that the main advantage of its platform is the capacity to reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE), targeting both Capital and Operational Expenditures, making it cost-competitive to monopile foundations.

Images: Saitec