Deutsche Windtechnik Extends and Expands Sylt Cluster Maintenance Contract

Deutsche Windtechnik and Vattenfall have extended the contract for maintenance of all steel structures at the DanTysk offshore wind farm, and have now also thrown the recently inaugurated Sandbank offshore wind farm into the deal. 

Image source: Vattenfall

The new contract includes inspection, maintenance and repair of all foundation structures, including monopiles for the wind turbines and jacket structures for the offshore substations, the transition pieces, and the internal cabling for the wind farm, above as well as under water.

There will be further collaboration during construction and production monitoring as well as in the areas of fault elimination work and switching operations, Deutsche Windtechnik said.

“Deutsche Windtechnik and Vattenfall have been cooperating successfully for three years on the DanTysk OWF,” said Christof Huß, Head of Operations DanTysk/Sandbank at Vattenfall.

“The trust relationship that has grown over time, our proven communication channels, working methods and structures, particularly in the areas of work preparation, logistics and project management, can now be put to good use to quickly and reliably advance the Sandbank OWF project.”

The Sandbank offshore wind farm is equipped with 72 4-megawatt Siemens wind turbines (SWT-4.0-130), and DanTysk comprises 80 SWT-3.6-130 turbines.

DanTysk and Sandbank are located west of the North Sea island of Sylt, making them part of the ”Sylt Offshore Cluster”.

“Our teams are now deployed in the entire Sylt Cluster, allowing us to utilise synergies particularly in the area of logistics, but also in structural and personnel-related areas. Our cluster management enables us to operate even more flexibly and efficiently, and this benefits all parties involved,” said Carl-Rasmus Richardsen, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore and Consulting.