Expertise Hub VIDEO: Floating Wind Needs Support on Cost Reduction Path (The Carbon Trust)

Being a more nascent technology compared to fixed offshore wind, floating wind needs different kind of backing. In the long term, it will be able to compete with fixed offshore wind and other energy technologies, however, until that time the technology needs some additional support.

Several countries have been supporting floating wind pilot projects, with some of them expected to be completed by 2020. Beyond the pilot projects, continuous support needs to be in place to make sure floating wind reaches commercial stage, according to Rhodri James, Manager, Policy & Innovation at The Carbon Trust.

The Carbon Trust has recently launched a joint industry project focused on floating wind, which will also assess the challenges of electrical systems, mooring systems, and logistics in large arrays of floating wind turbines.

To learn more about floating wind, the support needed on its path to commercial stage, its potential for renewable energy generation in Europe and worldwide, as well as the Carbon Trust’s initiative, watch our Expertise Hub video.

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