Ecofys WTTS to Check Hollandse Kust (noord) Metocean Data

Ecofys WTTS will assist the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( in performing a data quality review on the Hollandse Kust (noord) metocean measurement campaign.

Image source: Ecofys

Aiming to increase the Netherlands’ offshore wind capacity to 4,500 MW by 2023, the Dutch Government executes a tender scheme to develop new wind farms in five designated offshore zones.

In support of this, buoys have been installed by Fugro in all the wind farm zones, including two buoys in the Hollandse Kust (noord) zone, to measure wind, waves and current.

Ecofys WTTS will perform an independent data check and verification of monthly reports by Fugro and Deltares with the aim of supporting in their preparations of the next round of Dutch offshore wind tenders.

The goal of the 12-month assignment is to quantify the data availability and quality of the measured wind, meteorological and sea-state data in order to help assure the highest uptime and quality and support in assuring the datasets can be used in calculation of final wind resource assessments and turbine and foundation loads.

The work constitutes a continuation of the ongoing support Ecofys WTTS has been giving to over the past years and is a follow-up of the support and thought-leadership performed on the sites of Borssele and Hollandse Kust (zuid).