SeaRenergy to Help ZTT Link Hohe See to BorWin gamma

Chinese power cable manufacturer ZTT has contracted SeaRenergy to provide QHSE management & support for the HVAC export cable connection between the BorWin gamma platform and the 497MW EnBW Hohe See wind farm in the German North Sea.

The scope for QHSE management & support includes the cable load-out, cable transport and installation phase of the project as well as the commissioning and testing phase.

SeaRenergy has commenced its contractual duties and responsibilities and completion is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

ZTT won a contract to supply and construct a 155kV HVAC grid connection between the EnBW Hohe See wind farm and the 900MW BorWin3 DC grid connection system in March 2017.

As the general contractor for TenneT, ZTT will also supply shunt reactors, GIS terminal and land conversion joints.

ZTT will deliver the grid connection as a turn-key solution and has teamed up with Van Oord and Siemens on the EUR 25 million project. Van Oord will be in charge of installing the cables while Siemens will provide the shunt reactors.

EnBW Hohe See wind farm will comprise 71 Siemens 7MW turbines installed some 90km north of the island of Borkum.

Offshore construction on the wind farm is scheduled to start in early 2018. The commissioning of the wind farm is expected in the third quarter of 2019.

BorWin3 is a 160km long grid connection that will link several wind farms off the coast of Lower Saxony to the mainland. The 155kV alternating current supplied by the wind farms will be transformed into 320kV direct current on the BorWin gamma offshore platform.

The BorWin3 link will transport power via a cable over 130km at sea and further 30km on land to the grid feed-in point in Emden. The direct current will then be converted back into alternating current for further transmission and distribution.

The entire BorWin3 project is due for completion in 2019.

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